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    Are you ready for the Bay Area Freshmen 10 of 2011 with DJ Amen & (Video)

    To celebrate the upcoming New Year, DJ Amen and Thizzler On The Roof have teamed up to finish strong with the Bay Area Freshmen '10 Music Meeting album! Check back tomorrow at or to download the album for free!


    1. DJ Amen & - the Bay Area Freshmen '10 Music Meeting
    2. Roach Gigz - The Dopest 2
    3. DB Tha General - Nobody Gas
    4. Cousin Fik - Kaboom (How The Beat Go)
    5. Jay Ant - F.I.S.
    6. iamSu! - I Know What To Do With It
    7. P CHILD - Long Time
    8. Nio Tha Gift - Grateful
    9. TRUTHLiVE - Ready, Set, Go ft. Moe Green
    10. DaVinci - Ben
    11. Moe Green - Iced Out Life Style


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