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    Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape Sampler

    FREE DOWNLOAD: Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape

    July 31st, Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape is dropping right here! Here are a few choice tracks from the compilation. The first track is Casual-ual! by hip-hop legend Casual, from the Hieroglyphics crew (see his interview on Episode 23). Track 2 is Alcoholiday, a wild dedication to alcohol by Rec-League members Richie Cunning & QM (Episodes 4 & 22). Track 3 is Vinegar, by Richmond hip-hop/soul group The Dime (Episodes 17 & 18). Track 4, Wild Side, by Fillmore representative DaVinci (Episode 12). And finally, track 5 is God Bless, by North Bay emcee and producer TRUTHLiVE (Episode 20).

    Enjoy the sampler, every artist on the tape brings their own unique style to the tape and represents one small fraction of the Bay Area's music scene. And don't forget to come back July 31st for the real deal!

    Download: Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape Sampler

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