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    Slaps Of The Week (1/12/12 - 1/21/12)

    Due to all the content we regularly put up on Thizzler, and the sheer number and diversity of artists we feature, as a fan we know it’s not easy to give everything the attention it deserves, or to know where to start listening. So starting today, every Sunday I'm gonna be hitting you with a recap of 5 posts that grabbed me over the week. 

    Symba - Winning Part 2 (Music Video):


    Symba’s one of those artists who’s progressing so fast, you seem to be able to notice him getting better with each release. This week, the Aquavis Warfield directed video for, “Winning Pt. 2”, is no different. Much like Kendrick Lamar when he first used this instrumental, Symba gasses one long verse from start to finish, and puts the breadth of his talent on full display as he spits hell of different flows and rhyme patterns. As a bonus, Symba invited Em Dub and I to the shoot, out in Pittsburgh, and if you look close enough you can find us in the video. 

    Download: Winning Part 2  

    Armani Depaul - I Declare War Volume 2 (Free Mixtape): 

    After dropping two completely under appreciated party gems in “Crazy On It” and “2 The Beat”, I can’t help but pay attention when Armani Depaul comes out with new music. This week he concluded his #10DaysOfWar series, in which he released a new track every day for 10 days. On Thursday he packaged all 10 songs together for the free release of I Declare War Volume 2. The project is surprisingly well rounded and jam packed with all the flavor we’ve come to expect from Armani. The mixtape also features Young Gully, DB Tha General, Iamsu!, Clyde Carson and more. 

    Download: I Declare War Volume 2

    The Jacka - The Verdict: 

    In December’s edition of XXL, as part of an article on The Bay’s Hip-Hop scene, they took a minute to analyze The Jacka’s business model, which heavily consists of dropping an impressive 6 retail albums a year, almost every year. To top it off, The Jack Artist estimates that he makes around $80k with each one, which goes to show that while he may not be on the radio as much as when “Glamorous Lifestyle” dropped, he is still one of the most powerful and well supported rappers in The Bay. In 2012 he started his run of album releases early, and dropped The Verdict on Wednesday. This is the 2nd in a series of albums which started with last year’s The Indictment and will be followed up by The Sentencing. As is the case with most of The Jacka’s music, The Verdict is both celebratory and remorseful about a life on the streets, and has that slap that is guaranteed to make trunks knock all over The Bay. Additional features include The Game, J Stalin, Lil Rue, Cellski, Stevie Joe, Smigg Dirtee and more. 

    The Verdict - The Jacka

    Iamsu! & Jay Ant ft. Mike-Dash-E - On My Mind:


    If you haven’t noticed by now, Iamsu! and Jay Ant are going to be problems for years to come. And while most people recognize them for their skills on the mic, I strongly believe that their abilities as producers is what makes their music stand out the most. Regardless, it is great news that the two are working together for a joint project entitled, Stoopid, and needless to say the first leak does not disappoint. “On My Mind” features another Thizzler staple in Mike Dash-E, and all 3 MC’s come off sounding polished, yet hungry and inspired. The beat has ridiculous slap, and the sample usage gives it a different sound than what we’re used to from these two. After a track like this, Stoopid, is definitely one of my most anticipated Bay Area projects. 

    Download: On My Mind

    S.C.O. - Faithfully (49ers Anthem):


    This week without questions has been the week of 49ers anthems. With tracks featuring San Quin, Rappin’ 4 Tay, Roach Gigz, Loverance, Equipto, Berner, Ashkon, Shag Nasty, Sellassie and more, it’s pretty clear that a huge portion of the bay (myself included) are ridiculously excited about being one game away from The Super Bowl. While I normally don’t like slapping these types of songs until my team has locked in the championship, when the Tony Rain directed video for “Faithfully (49ers Anthem)” dropped on Friday, I found myself ridiculously excited for our game against The Giants. The track which features Equipto, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Curt Sak, Ike Plumb and Sellasie, is hell of nostalgic and reminded me of how far the 49ers fell and how long it’s been since I’ve felt this enthusiastic about the team. Here’s to getting a W today and making sure we have a reason to play all these 49ers anthems for weeks to come. 

    Download: Faithfully (49ers Anthem)

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