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    Guap City Presents: Priscilla G. - 707 Gang (Mixtape)

    Fairfield's @SheIsPriscillaG has just unveiled her "707 Gang" Mixtape, which will be the first installment of joint projects by Priscilla G. x Guap City Records. It features a few remixes, including Drake's "Right Hand", a dope freestyle to "Energy", as well as some new heat and a snippet of her upcoming single "Nothing". This mixtape was put together by Priscilla G. and oft collaborator Keeloz, who also worked on her Debut Mixtape, "She Is Priscilla G." Snatch the mixtape for free below, and stay tuned for the Official Video for "Nothing" droppin' soon!

    Guap City Presents: Priscilla G. -


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