For FreewayDaGritter music is a way to tackle life’s obstacles

When he was fifteen years old, rising Kansas City rapper FreewayDaGritter lost his mother and learned that he could use music as a tool to help him understand life’s harsh realities. He took the tragedy that hit his family, which consisted of his father, two sisters and late brother, and used it to fuel his music. That motivation to cope with life’s difficulties still runs deep in his music.

Earlier this year he dropped a project titled I Did This This Week. The title refers to the urgency with which he approached the release after his brother passed away. IDTTW was not supposed to be Freeway’s next project, but the death of his brother drove him to act and IDTTW was the result of that. True to the name, he knocked out the recording for the mixtape in just one week.

The 11-track mixtape acts as a tribute to his brother, and also paints a vivid picture of Freeway’s life in KC, a town where you have to look out for yourself and work extra hard especially if you want to make progress in hip-hop. There’s a lot of similarities between KC and the Bay, which is why there’s been a longtime kinship between the 2 regions that’s gone back over 20 years. Freeway Da Gritter even counts Mac Dre among his influences, as well as Kansas City’s Fat Tone, in spite of the tension they shared in life.

I had a chance to speak with FreewayDaGritter about his new mixtape and his budding rap career. #LongLiveGze (Promoted)

Thizzler: What was it like growing up in Kansas City?

FreewayDaGritter: Growing up in Kansas City was boring than a motherfucker for real. And it’s hectic the shit’s so small. You could be competing with the nigga next door to you. It’s like they don’t want to see the next nigga do him. It’s all around bullshit. That’s why don’t nobody make it out this bitch.

I don’t be tripping no more. I grew up out of this shit. I take flight. I get the fuck up out of here. I ain’t no regular person. I don’t be on the regular shit people be on. I be trying to explore cities, see what’s up, and tap in with people. My goal is to get up out this motherfucker and bring the people I fuck with out of it too. That shit’s going to pick up at the end of the day.

T: Tell me about your new mixtape.

FDG: I really did this around the time that my brother passed away earlier this year. I knocked it out pretty fast, but I threw one of my tracks that I had last year that got hot foreal foreal that I never put on a cd. I got a couple producers from my hometown, a few from Kansa City, Missouri, and a couple others one. It’s all around solid. Everything about it is real, ain’t nothing fabricated.

T: Why is it called I Did This This Week?

FDG: Everything on this project was in the week. I put everything together, and I recorded the shit damn near together. When my brother passed, that’s when I brought it out.

T: What’s your favorite record from the new mixtape?

FDG: “Certified Trapper”. It’s a lot of life l lived and fun I’ve had. If they see the video they’d see that shit. Really all of my videos though.

T: What do you want people to take away from listening to I Did This This Week?

FDG: I want them to know, whatever’s out there that you want you can go out there and go get it. Don’t let nobody hold you back. It’s some obstacles you’ll go through throughout life and you’re going to have to face them. At the same time, let your success kill all your haters, and all the folks that want to break you down. I just want people to be happy when they listen to this. For it to make them want to go out there and go get shit in life.

T: Who were your influences?

FDG: It was Mac Dre and no lie, Fat Tone. It was a beef between them because they were from different cities, but it was really between the both of them. But I was really fucking with Mac Dre because he was on that dancing music shit. I wasn’t on that fonking shit. After I got out of that fonking status I was focused on turning up with my niggas.

T: What’s next for FreewayDaGritter?

FDG: I’m independent right now. It ain’t nobody behind me. I’m doing this on my own right now. I’m just going to keep putting shit out for the people to listen to, because like I said before it’s going to work.

You can hear all of FreewayDaGritter’s music on Thizzler here. Follow him on Instagram here. Get his mixtape I Did This This Week on iTunes.