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    Doc Dolla & Yung Lott on how their web series Hard Kandy came about (Exclusive Interview)

    @DollaboyDoc and @YungLott stopped by to discuss their web series Hard Kandy in this exclusive interview. The rappers and cousins expain how they came about writing the crime drama and webseries. 


    Armani DePaul talks about his Run The Streets series (Exclusive Interview)

    @ArmaniDepaul has been in the game for a minute. He's one of the Bay Area rappers who's done a great job staying tapped in with younger and upcoming acts. His mixtape series Run The Streets finds him collaborating with all the guys you've been hearing. He discusses this series in an exclusive interview with us. Check it out above.


    Lil Kayla talks about Ah Yung P 2 + what she has coming next (Exclusive Interview)

    @thereallilkayla has made some headlines with her beef with UC Lil Kayla, which has since died down, but she's still one of the most talked about up and comers the Bay has. We had a chance to chop it up with her about her most recent mixtape Ah Real P 2. We also learned that she has more music on the way and is even working on an urban fiction novel. Check out the interview clip above.


    Priceless Da ROC on the feedback from his project All Hail The Turn Up (Exclusive Interview)

    @PricelessDaRoc's All Hail The Turn Up album is a well rounded party album. We had the privilege of chopping it up with him about the response he's seen from the record from fans from all over. Check out the exclusive interview clip above.


    Int'l Hay Sus on being involved with the community + spits some bars (Exclusive Interview)

    @Haysus510 is an Oakland rapper who puts his time and efforts where his mouth is. A lot of rappers have complaints about community issues, but Haysus is doing something about the plight youth in his community face. In the above interview clip he discusses his organization The Black Neighborhood, and spits some bars.


    Donnie Parker talks about his New Blues EP (Music Video)

    @IamDonnieParker is an exciting up and coming act who raps and sings. His style is definitely unique in the grand scope of Bay Area music and we're excited to see what he does with time and opportunity. Check out this interview clip where he talks about his new EP New Blues.