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    The Bay Area Music Chart: April 2016

    It's another month and so we have another Bay Area Music Chart! Below you'll find the 50 posts that performed the best on Thizzler during the month of April. You'll find cuts from E-40, Berner's new album, Dave Steezy's mixtape that dropped exclusively on Thizzler and a lot more. Mozzy's Bladadah makes yet another appearance for what feels like the 100th month in a row! Get all caught up below and see why people loved these posts so much!

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    50. Lil Blood ft. Mozzy, Lil Purp, Boo Banga - All Year (Music Video)

    49. The Mekanix ft. Keak Da Sneak, Iamsu!, J. Stalin, 4rAx & Iesha Brooks - On My Hustle (Music Video)

    48. Joe Blow - You Should Be Payin' Me Too (Album)

    47. Celly Ru - A Hunnid (Music Video)

    46. Kid Red ft. Migos, Chris Brown - Bounce (Prod. Kacey Khaliel) (Exclusive)

    45. Philthy Rich - Same Nigga (Music Video)

    44. Mozzy x Dutch Santana - Earthquakes & Murder Rates (Exclusive EP)

    43. Salsalino ft. E-40, Baby Treeze, SirCloud - Fuck The City Up (Prod. Baby Treeze)

    42. IAMSU! - Kilt 3 (Album)

    41. Traxamillion - The Trapp Addict (Exclusive Stream)

    40. Philthy Rich ft. Johnny Cinco, Jazz Lazer, Yowda & Zoey Dollaz - Another Foreign (Remix)

    39. Cousin Fik ft. Clyde Carson & Kool John - Get High (Exclusive)

    38. IAMSU - Compound (prod. Ricky Racks & D Shine) (Music Video)

    37. Alibo & Els - Choppas, Cookies & Cake (Album)

    36. NhT Boyz - 420 Project Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

    35. Exxtra - Put On (Prod. Mano Beats)

    34. L-Deez - Roll Wit It

    33. Mozzy - Mandatory Check (Tracklisting/Pre-Order)

    32. Yo Gotti ft. E-40 - Law (Music Video)

    31. Mistah FAB x DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show, Part 3: Live From The 45 (Album)

    30. Does Kamaiyah have a song with Drake on the way?!

    29. Mozzy x Stevie Joe ft. Philthy Rich, Louie Da Fourth - 2 Bxtches (Prod. The Mekanix)

    28. IAMSU! - Phone & A Gmail (Music Video)

    27. Peezy x Booski x Meezy - Facts (Music Video)

    26. Mozzy - Bladadah (Album)

    25. Cuddy presents B-Legit, San Quinn & Celly Cel - Put It On Heavy (Exclusive Music Video)

    24. Problem ft. Iamsu! - Big Money (Prod. JB Minor x Denis The Producer)

    23. Mozzy x Skeme - For The Bucks (Prod. Jabari The Great, JuneOnnaBeat, Dave-O Of The A-Team)

    22. Nef The Pharaoh - BMD (Baby Mama Drama) (Prod. CardoGotWings)

    21. Mozzy ft. Young Mezzy - So 4Real (prod. JuneOnnaBeat)

    20. Celly Ru - Still Da Same Nigga 2 (Album)

    19. Joe Blow - Keep It 1000 (Music Video)

    18. B Telli - Dope Dealer (Music Video)

    17. Mozzy - Beautiful Struggle (Full Album Stream)

    16. Ceeza - Skrewface Project (Exclusive Mixtape)

    15. Mistah F.A.B. - Son Of A Pimp Part 2 (Tracklisting/Pre-Order)

    14. E-40 ft. Turf Talk & Cousin Fik - It's The First (Music Video)

    13. G-Eazy to bring out Mac Dre hologram at Coachella performance?

    12. J. Stalin - Body Snatchers, Part 3 (Album)

    11. G-Eazy ft. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez - Drifting (Music Video)

    10. Nef The Pharaoh ft. Philthy Rich - Say Daat (Music Video)

    9. Cali Life Musik presents Cuddy's Mob Music Vol. 1 (Album)

    8. Nef The Pharaoh - The Lost Tapes (Mixtape)

    7. Stevie Joe x Mozzy ft. Nef The Pharaoh, Young Gully, A-Plus, Dubb-20 - See Me Re-Remix (Prod. AK47)

    6. Stevie Joe x Mozzy - Extra Curricular Activities (Exclusive Stream)

    5. Dave Steezy - Aesthetically Placed (Executively Prod. YPOnTheBeat) (Exclusive Mixtape)

    4. Berner - Hempire (Album)

    3. G-Eazy - Random (Warriors Remix)

    2. EXCLUSIVE PRESALE! G-Eazy & Logic's #EndlessSummerTour comes to the Bay July 8th!

    1. presents the Bay Report, Hosted by DJ Ghost


    The Bay Music Chart: March 2016

    Alright ya'll, another month has passed so you know what that means! We're bringing out the top 50 most hottest songs on that YOU all have determined. How does it work? Based off of the traffic that comes through the site, we are able to see which songs have been clicked on and listened to the most! In Febuary, it was Mozzy who totally took over the charts, but this month it's Iamsu! who's recieved the number one postion with his newest album, Kilt 3. Ezale came out of the cuts with his "Day One" music video doing very well at spot number 11. Kamaiyah's "A Good Night In The Ghetto" and AkaFrank's "AkaFrank Vol. 3" also made the cut along with Larry June's music video for "Dope Man". All of these artists deserve a little extra love and recognition for their hard work, so here it is! Because as long as there's good music being made, Thizzler is paying attention. Want to take advantage of our traffic? Check out our advertising options here! (This list DOES NOT include our Soundcloud or YouTube statistics.)


    50. J. Stalin - Bricks (prod. JuneOnnaBeat)

    49. Show Banga - Fell In Love (prod. Nikeboy) (Exclusive) 

    48. Philthy Rich explains One Mob and talks upcoming projects (Interview) 

    47. Larry June - Dope Man (Music Video)

    46. Celly Ru - Still Da Same Nigga 2 (Album)

    45. Raven Felix ft. Snoop Dogg & Nef The Pharaoh - Hit The Gas (Music Video) 

    44. 11 years later: Looking back at The Jack Artist album

    43. Omni Alien - Omni Alien (EP)

    42. AkaFrank - AkaFrank, Vol. 3 (Album)

    41. King Hot - March Madness (Hosted by DJ Carisma) (Mixtape) 

    40. Lil C-Note x Dj Ghost x Shadey Mob - The Bay (GhostMix) 

    39. Kno Mob ft. YL Da King x King Dreiko - HD (Music Video)

    38. RJ ft. Nef The Pharaoh - Long Time

    37. Yo Gotti ft. E-40 - Law

    36. Philthy Rich - Piss Codeine (prod. Zaytoven) (Music Video)

    35. Cookie Money ft. Boosie Badazz x Trill Youngin's ClearIt Out - Down In The Town (Music Video)

    34. DB Tha General - In My Blood (Music Video) 

     33. Mozzy - Love Her More (Music Video)

    32. AkaFrank x F.L.I.P - Dab or Die (EP)

    31. Molly G ft. Berner - No Stress (Prod. Just Quality) 

    30. Iamsu! ft. HBK CJ - Up All Night (Prod. IAMSU)

    29. CellyRu - Foeva East 2 (Album)

    28. Philthy Rich ft. Mozzy & Band Gang - Way Before (Music Video) 

    27. Thizzler On The Roof & YH Present: Young Gully - Bermuda Part 3: Human (Album)

    26. J. Stalin - Body Snatchers, Part 3 (Tracklist/Pre-Order Link)

    25. Trill Youngins - Millionaire (Exclusive Music Video)

    24. Berner ft. Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg & B-Real - Best Thang Smokin (Music Video) 

    23. June ft. Lil Blood - Get Her Shit Hit (Music Video) 

    22. Mistah FAB freestyles for Too Short's 30th anniversary concert (Video)

    21. Berner - Home (prod. TraxxFDR)

    20. DB Tha General - Gas God (M.D.M.Y.R.) (Exclusive Album Stream) 

    19. Berner ft. Mistah FAB - Changes (Prod. Stinje)

    18. Nef The Pharaoh - Mobbin (Music Video)

    17. G-Eazy ft. Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti & Starrah - Order More Remix

    16. Mozzy - Bladadah (Album)

    15. Mr. Musik x Dough Hello - V (Music Video)

    14. 22nd Letter - Throw It On Me (Exclusive Music Video)

    13. Kamaiyah - A Good Night In The Ghetto (Mixtape)

    12. Lil Blood - Crack Baby (Album)

    11. Ezale - Day Ones (Music Video)

    10. Philthy Rich - Super Bowl 50 (prod. AK47) (Exclusive)

    9. Philthy Rich on how he first heard of Mozzy (Exclusive Interview) 

    8. Ceeza - Skrewface Project (Exclusive Mixtape)

    7. E-40 ft. Nef The Pharaoh & D.R.A.M. - Slappin (Music Video)

    6. Berner - Hempire (Tracklist/Release Date)

    5. Kool John ft. IAMSU! & Snoop Dogg - Ahh Shit Gah Damn (Prod. Murda)

    4. presents the Bay Report, Hosted by DJ Ghost

    3. June - No Love Lost, No Trust Given 2 (Album)

    2. Mozzy - Beautiful Struggle (Full Album Stream)

    1. Iamsu! - Kilt 3 (Album)


    The Bay Music Chart: January 2016

    Yooo! Every first Sunday (ish), we'll be providing a chart of the top 50 songs of the past month, based on traffic to! (Want to take advantage of our traffic? Check out our advertising options here! This list DOES NOT include our Soundcloud or YouTube statistics.

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    The Bay Music Chart: December 2015

    Every first Sunday (ish), we'll be providing a chart of the top 50 songs of the past month, based on traffic to! (Want to take advantage of our traffic? Check out our advertising options here! This list DOES NOT include our Soundcloud or YouTube statistics.

    50. Shady Nate - In The Trenches (Exclusive Music Video)

    49. Iamsu! ft. Show Banga - 2 Many (Prod. Dave-O, Jay Nari)

    48. E-40 - Poverty And Prosperity (EP)

    47. Larry June - Joog One Time (prod. Sledgren) (Music Video)

    46. Mally Mall ft. Sage The Gemini & Jewelz - It's Going Up

    45. Rick Rock - Rocket (Album)

    44. G-Eazy ft. Big Sean - One Of Them

    43. G-Eazy - When It's Dark Out (Album)

    42. Mozzy x Philthy Rich - Political Ties (Artwork/Pre-Order Link)

    41. Mozzy Presents: Hexa Hella Extra Headshots 2 (Artwork)

    40. J. Stalin - Going Steady (Music Video)

    39. J-Diggs - Back On My Bullshit (Music Video)

    38. Shady Nate - The Bo-Fessional 2: Still Sippin (Album)

    37. Young Gully ft. Birch Boy Barie - Pay Up / Lil B*tch (#BermudaPt2 12.15.15) (Exclusive)

    36. Exclusive Presale this Wed! Fetty Wap & Post Malone 3/4 in San Jose

    35. Show Banga ft. Mozzy - What's Hannin (Prod. JuneOnnaBeat)

    34. Mozzy - Gangland Landscape (Album)

    33. Nef The Pharaoh - No Masturbation

    32. G-Val & Lil Yase - What A Time to Grind (EP)

    31. Philthy Rich ft. Iamsu! - Make A Living (Music Video)

    30. Jay Ant - Let Me Ball (prod. P-Lo, Tario, x Jay Ant)

    29. DB Tha General - Dope Boy Danny (Album)

    28. Samaria - The Story of Right Now (Mixtape)

    27. One Mob - Neva Sold Weight (Music Video)

    26. Kalin And Myles ft. P-Lo - Get It Get It Get It (Music Video)

    25. J-Diggs - Back On That Bullshit (Exclusive)

    24. AkaFrank Ft. Jay Ant, Iamsu! - Lots

    23. Geto Star - Somethin' From Nothin' (Mixtape)

    22. Jay Ant - White Rabbit (EP)

    21. Young Gully - Ain't Surprised (Music Video)

    20. G-Eazy - Sad Boy (Music Video)

    19. One Mob ft. Young Bossi & Paperboy Rell - Unleaded (Music Video)

    18. Mozzy x Produk x Ray Yung - Slide (Music Video)

    17. YG ft. Mozzy x Slim 400 - City Mad (Prod. P-Lo)

    16. Trill Youngins ft. IAMSU!, Show Banga, & Nef The Pharaoh - I Look Fly Remix

    15. Lil Yase x Yatta ft. G-Val, Lil Blood, Nef The Pharaoh, Mozzy - Get It In (Remix)

    14. Show Banga - Currently Grinding (EP)

    13. Cousin Fik ft. Nef The Pharaoh & Decadez - Cash Money (Exclusive)

    12. G-Eazy - Random (Warriors Mix) (Video)

    11. Exclusive presale! Future - The Purple Reign Tour in San Jose 3/19

    10. Mozzy - Bladadah (Album)

    9. Kool John x P-Lo ft. G-Eazy - Mad (Music Video)

    8. Livewire Records x Mozzy Present: Down To The Wire (4th Ave. Edition) (Album)

    7. G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Everything Will Be Okay

    6. Berner ft. Dyce & Nef The Pharaoh - Dope Boy Dance

    5. Philthy Rich ft. Iamsu! - Make A Living (Prod. AkaFrank x Hi Def)

    4. & YH present: Young Gully - Bermuda Part 2: Devil (Album)

    3. E-40 - What Are The Chances (Movie Trailer)

    2. presents The Bay Report: December 2015

    1. Thizzler's Best of 2015


    The Bay Music Chart: Best of 2015 Edition (Top 100)

    As the year comes to a close, it only makes sense that we look back at our biggest moments. There were some huge releases this year. Some stars were born and some stars continued to dominate. Below you'll find the Top 100 posts you liked the most in 2015 on This is based on the amount of times each post was visited. Take a look below and tell us if there's something missing!

    100. E-40 - Choices (Yup) (Warriors Version)

    99. Iamsu! ft. Tyga - Hella Good (Prod. Iamsu!)

    98. Kehlani - Till The Morning (Jahaan Sweet)

    97. The Jacka - What Happened To The World (Album)

    96. KYLE ft. IAMSU! - It's Lit

    95. Berner ft. Migos - Pass Me The Green

    94. HBK Gang - Gang Forever (Mixtape)

    93. Nef The Pharaoh - Big Tymin' (Music Video)

    92. Sage The Gemini ft. Nick Jonas - Good Thing (Music Video)

    91. & Black Money present Smoovie Baby - 5 Hunnit Degreez (Mixtape)

    90. Tech N9ne ft. E-40, Krizz Kaliko - No K

    89. B-Legit ft. Berner - Marijuana

    88. G-Eazy ft. Kehlani - Everything Will Be Okay

    87. Berner ft. Dyce & Nef The Pharaoh - Dope Boy Dance

    86. TheATeamMG ft. Show Banga, Nef The Pharaoh, Mistah FAB, J. Diggs - Still Go Dumb (Remix)

    85. Mozzy - Goonbody Embodiment (Album)

    84. Iamsu! ft. E-40 & Too Short - T.W.D.Y. (Music Video)

    83. Tree Thomas ft. Kevin Gates & IAMSU! - 4T$

    82. Philthy Rich x Joe Blow - Mobwire (Hosted by DJ Racks) (Album)

    81. Iamsu! x P-Lo - Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Prod. Chad Hugo w/ Yard Noise)

    80. Mistah FAB & Rocky Rivera speak to KTVU about The Jacka (Video)

    79. E-40 announces new #E40Beer 40oz, coming soon

    78. Kool John ft. F.L.I.P. - Last (Exclusive Music Video) #SummerOfSlaps2

    77. Show Banga - Mayor 4 Life (Album)

    76. 22nd Letter (Willie Joe x Nef The Pharaoh x Cousin Fik) - Appear (Exclusive)

    75. Balance Presents: Bay Area's Finest Compilation, Vol. 1 (Album)

    74. Ooty Ooo - Shmoplife Made (Mixtape)

    73. Berner - 20 Joints (Prod. TraxxFDR)

    72. Philthy Rich ft. Iamsu! - Make A Living (Prod. AkaFrank x Hi Def)

    71. Corn x Nef The Pharoah - Old School Hyphy (Prod. Yung A.)

    70. Tre Staxx ft. Nef The Pharaoh & Clyde Carson - Real (Exclusive Music Video)

    69. AP.9 - Let This Song Cry (Jacka Tribute)

    68. Juicy J ft. Kevin Gates, Future, Sage The Gemini - Payback (Lyric Video)

    67. Rayven Justice ft. Show Banga, J. Stalin, Kool John - Live & Die In The Bay

    66. Philthy Rich x Joe Blow x Mozzy x Lil Blood x Lil AJ - One Mob (Album)

    65. RAZO97 - Final Xantasy (Mixtape)

    64. E-40 - Poverty And Prosperity (EP)

    63. J. Stalin - Tears of Joy (Album)

    62. 10 Bay Area Producers To Watch In 2013

    61. IAMSU! - Nothin Less (Prod. DJ Mustard)

    60. Show Banga ft. P-Lo, Sage The Gemini - Aww Shit (Prod. P-Lo Of The Invasion)

    59. AP.9 ft. Joe Blow - Dope

    58. Berner - 20 Lights (EP)

    57. Joe Blow - Blow Out: The Mixtape (Free Mixtape)

    56. Willie Joe - I'm From The Bay Bruh Remix ft. Keak Da Sneak, HBK P-Lo, G-Val, Kool John, Los Rakas, J. Stalin, The Hoodstarz, Stevie Joe, Roach Gigz, Traxamillion

    55. Nef The Pharaoh - Boss Me

    54. IAMSU! - Kilt 3 (Album Cover)

    53. Blow Money Records Presents: Joe Blow - Blow 2 (Album)

    52. Nef The Pharaoh - Nef The Pharaoh EP (Stream)

    51. Kool John x P-Lo ft. G-Eazy - Mad

    50. MustardMayo ft. Marc E. Bassy, Iamsu!, Symba - Got U (Prod. DJ Mustard, Nic Nac)

    49. A-Wax - Rest In Peace To The Jacka (Prod. Sbcve)

    48. Unsung: Too Short (Full Episode)

    47. Lil June - Nothing Personal (Album)

    46. Iamsu! ft. Chippass - Dipped When They See Me (Prod. Iamsu!)

    45. Sage The Gemini ft. Berner, Symba, Project Poppa - Mr. Me Too

    44. & DJ Ghost present Mob In Peace Part 2 (RIP Jacka mix)

    43. Kool John ft. Young Finesse God - Can't Help Myself (Exclusive Music Video)

    42. J. Stalin x The World's Freshest - Real World 4 (Album)

    41. J. Stalin ft. L'Jay - Bye Felicia (Music Video)

    40. 22nd Letter (Nef The Pharaoh x Willie Joe x Cousin Fik) - Blunt On Me (Exclusive Music Video)

    39. Nef The Pharaoh - RichBy25Two (Mixtape)

    38. CORN ft. Nef The Pharaoh - Old School Hyphy (Music Video)

    37. E-40 - What Are The Chances (Movie Trailer)

    36. E-40 - Choices (Yup) (Music Video)

    35. AKA Frank & Iamsu - Biggie Smalls (EP)

    34. Presents: Summer of Slaps (Compilation)

    33. IAMSU! ft. Dej Loaf & K Camp - Famous (Prod by Juneonabeat)

    32. IAMSU! - Eyes On Me (Full Stream)

    31. G-Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I (Music Video)

    30. Livewire Records x Mozzy Present: Down To The Wire (4th Ave. Edition) (Album)

    29. Berner - Still I Ride (Jacka Tribute) (prod. Cozmo x Maxwell Smart)

    28. Philthy Rich - Sem City Money Man 2 (Free Download)

    27. Young Gully - Come Down (Exclusive)

    26. E-40 & Too Short - History: Mob & Function Music (Double Album)

    25. Roach Gigz - The Float (Album)

    24. Black Market Records Presents: Mozzy - Yellow Tape Activities (Album)

    23. Willie Joe ft. The Bay Area - I'm From The Bay Bruh (Remix) (Music Video)

    22. Kool John ft. P-Lo - Blue Hunnids (Prod. P-Lo Of The Invasion)

    21. Birch Boy Barie - Mini Park Muzik (Exclusive Street Album)

    20. Akafrank - Akafrank Vol. 2 (Exclusive Mixtape)

    19. The Jacka & Berner - Drought Season 3 (Album)

    18. G-Eazy Explains How To Pick Up Women (Interview)

    17. & DJ Ghost present Mob In Peace (RIP Jacka Mix)

    16. Presents Summer of Slaps Vol. 2 (Compilation)

    15. Kool John x P-Lo - Moovie! (Album)

    14. B-Legit - What We Been Doin' (Album)

    13. In my story, The Jacka is still alive

    12. Berner x B-Real - Prohibition (Part 2) (EP)

    11. Exclusive Presale: Heartbreak Halloween 2015 just announced!

    10. Drew Deezy - Poly Tape 2 (Album)

    9. HBK CJ - Peace And Love (Mixtape)

    8. Thizzler's Best of 2015 Lists

    7. The Jacka was shot and killed tonight in East Oakland

    6. & YH present: Young Gully - Bermuda Part 1: God & Bermuda Part 2: Devil (Album)

    5. Mozzy - Gangland Landscape (Album)

    4. Drew Deezy ft. Finn Gruva & Fiji - Your Song (prod. by Uce Nation)

    3. Mozzy - Bladadah (Album)

    2. Husalah & AP.9 speak with CBS about The Jacka (Video)

    1. Presents The Bay Report (All Months)



    The Bay Music Chart: November 2015

    The Bay Music Chart is back! Every first Sunday (ish), we'll be providing a chart of the top 50 songs of the past month, based on traffic to! (Want to take advantage of our traffic? Check out our advertising options here! This list DOES NOT include our Soundcloud or YouTube statistics.

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