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    Armani Depaul ft. SOB x RBE (Slimmy B), Salsalino, Kool John - Jazzy Hoes (Jermaine Dupri)

    @ArmaniDepaul brings along fellow bay all-stars @NBSSlimmyB of #SOBxRBE, @SirSalsalino, and @K00LJ0HN of @THEHBKGANG for the blazin', self-produced single "Jazzy Hoes (Jermaine Dupri)". The four grindkings explain that with the way they're runnin' game, they're only dealin' with top notch ladies! Armani provides the dope instrumental which samples Ashanti's hit single "Foolish", as well as the lesser known classic cut from Debarge "Stay With Me". Peep "Jazzy Hoes (Jermaine Dupri)" above, and support by coppin' the single!




    Armani Depaul on the first time seeing results in his music career (Exclusive Interview)

    @ArmaniDepaul has been grinding in the music industry for about a decade now. He stopped by to discuss the first time he began to see results from his hard work. This is a reminder to keep working if you really want it!


    Armani Depaul - Eyes Closed (prod. Armani Depaul) (Exclusive)

    @ArmaniDepaul has another self produced blap on his hands with "Eyes Closed". Armani samples some veracious keys, over which he delivers hard-bodied bars riddled with fire word play. Check out Armani Depaul's latest, "Eyes Closed".

    SOUNDCLOUDArmani Depaul - Eyes Closed (Prod. Armani Depaul) [ Exclusive]


    Armani Depaul - Twist (Prod. Armani Depaul)

    @ArmaniDepaul comes in hot with his new single, "Twist". Armani brings a new energy to the table on this self-produced blap. Rapidly coasting over the vibrant instrumental, Armani delivers a sure fire party starter of a track. Don't miss the latest from Armani Depaul, "Twist".


    Armani Depaul ft. Lil Yase, A.B. Milli, Handsome Harv & Duke Geez - Loaf Man (Exclusive Music Video) 

    @ArmaniDepaul recruits @LilYase600 @Milli600 Handsome Harv and Duke Geez for his new single "Loaf Man". They let you know that they aren't small fish in this pond. In fact "Loaf Man" is all about being the boss, the person that can make things happen because you have the means, power, and finances to get it done. Check out the new Tay Foe shot visual up top.


    Armani Depaul x Lil Yee ft. Einer Bankz - On My Feet (Prod. Architekz) (Exclusive)

    @ArmaniDepaul & Lil Yee connect with @EinerBankz for this new Architekz produced cut titled "On My Feet". The joint is self reflective as the two emcees go in about how things might be hard they put in that extra effort to make ends meet and to ensure that when it's all said and done they've landed on their feet. Slap this new joint up top!

    SOUNDCLOUDArmani Depaul x Lil Yee ft. Einer Bankz - On My Feet (Prod. Architekz) []