Rafael Casal

Rafael Casal – Wendy

@RafaelCasal decided to release some unreleased swag and here it is… Getting his Peter Pan on. Lyrics after the jump.

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Rafael Casal – Fuego (Music Video)

#BAF10 2011 @RafaelCasal is back after a long break with a fire new video, shot in Barcelona & Santiago in Spain! You might’ve heard the first verse in his...

Rafael Casal – Mean Ones (Free EP)

Brand new album from Def Poet and Bay Area Freshmen 2011 Rafael Casal! Originally called Whoville, he switched the name to Mean Ones (another Dr. Seuss reference) at the...

Rafael Casal – B.A.Y.

Rafa comin thru on an Omarion remix. He’s from the B A B B A B B A Y…I dunno what that spells but it sounds nice!