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    Noah D ft. The Grouch - Just Right (Music Video)

    In Noah D’s debut video “Just Right” (featuring the Grouch), we learn that sometimes you have to turn down the hot girl in your apartment while you master your craft behind the mixing board. Such is the life for Noah D, who has traded in the blistering distorted drop of most dubstep-affiliated DJs and went another route -- turning subtle samples into behemoth audio. And it works.

    With his roots in the rapid-fire world of drum and bass, Noah D has since expanded his lexicon of genres. His full-length debut -- the aptly titled “Perspective” due April 10 via 12th Planet’s Smog imprint -- dabbles in everything from hip-hop to hints of R&B, dancehall and menacing cinematic horns matched with a James Bond-esque feeling of thrill throughout. It’s a fascinating collision of ideas, all the pieces of which have been masterfully put back together to unveil a fantastic debut album.

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    Red Bull EmSee 2010 SF (Exclusive Live Footage)

    Friday night at 103 Harriet, it was going down. Sick of all the scripted battles packed with prewritten punchlines and freestyle-free flows, Marshall Mathers (you might know him as Eminem) and Red Bull decided to shake things up a little. By adding rules to force emcees to demonstrate their freestyle abilities, such as having to incorporate random images or words into their flows, they were able to weed out the weak from the dope. Thizzler On The Roof was there to document this groundbreaking new way of battling and from firsthand experience I can say that although the technology might need some improvement, the concept definitely works. Judged by legendary artists Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship), Del The Funky Homosapien (Hieroglyphics), and Lyrics Born, the competition was filled with seasoned battlers: NoCanDo, Dirtbag Dan, Illmaculate, Madness, Dizaster, Thesaurus, WonWay Posibul, and some Sven cat. As a fan of the Bay Area rap scene, I'm glad someone living in Oakland won...WHO? Hit the jump to see ALL the battles (except for the very first round, which was Dirtbag Dan vs. the Sven dude, but honestly Dirtbag murdered him so easily it wasn't worth watching anyways), including the final round.

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