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    Richie Cunning - City Boy (Music Video)

    Bay Area Freshmen 2011 Alum and Rec League Representative Richie Cunning drops a video for his joint "City Boy" from the Late Night Special mixtape. Shot early in the morning on 10/28. Camera and edits by John Coyne. 2 RINGS!


    QM & Maclane ft. Richie Cunning - Cups Up (Can I Sip?)

    New track from QM & Maclane's recently released free EP "Take Me To Your Liter". Featuring a guest verse from Richie Cunning.  Produced by Maclane.

    Download the album here.


    QM & Maclane "Take Me To Your Liter" EP

    Routine Fly is proud to release the newest offering from California’s Rec League roster. QM & Maclane's "Take Me To Your Liter" is a 6 song EP produced entirely by the Rec League's Maclane, who also handles the rhymes along with Rec veteran QM. QM released the “No SleE.P” EP earlier this year with Pudge, from Denton TX's Fab Deuce Crew / Rec League South. While Maclane has been busy behind the boards producing songs for Richie Cunning, Pudge, Proe and QM throughout 2011 and 2012. With countless releases on thorughout the past two years, QM & Maclane have both been honing their sound along with the rest of the Rec League roster. “Take Me to Your Liter” features North Carolina’s Stranger Day, Texas’s Ernie McCrackin and San Francisco’s own Richie Cunning. Grab a 1000 ml bottle of your choice and “Take Me to Your Liter”  


    Slaps Of The Week (3/10/12 - 3/17/12)

    Yo, my bad on the late posting of this week's top slaps. Em Dub, myself, and a handful of other homies had quite the St. Patricks Day. Unfortunately for most of today, just the thought of rap music made my head hurt even more. 

    That Warriors trade still has me depressed. We exchanged 2 of our most talented and popular players for the hopes that a chronically injured big man will somehow miraculously manage to stay healthy for the rest of his career. And for all of you who say Bogut is the victim of freak accidents, I'll respond with this: when you look at any one of his injuries on their own, yes they look like tragic random occurences. But when you look at all the injuries together, you see a body that has repeatedly exhibited being overly vulnerable to the type of wear and tear an NBA season puts on a big man (although I genuinely hope I eat my words on this one). At least we're guranteed a first round pick in this draft. But still, if the ownership has given up on this season, than why shouldn't the fans do the same?

    Regardless, we had some great releases this week. Make sure to check out a few of the stand outs after the jump.

    Click to read more ...


    Richie Cunning - Iron & Gold (prod. Maclane) (Exclusive)

    Brand new heater from Richie Cunning, produced by Maclane! Riiiiiiiichiiiiiiieeeeee! Rec League ho.

    Richie Cunning - Iron & Gold (prod. Maclane) (Dirty)
    Richie Cunning - Iron & Gold (prod. Maclane) (Clean)


    Richie Cunning - 1906

    New music from Richie Cunning is 1906. Aww yeah.