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    Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape Sampler

    FREE DOWNLOAD: Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape

    July 31st, Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape is dropping right here! Here are a few choice tracks from the compilation. The first track is Casual-ual! by hip-hop legend Casual, from the Hieroglyphics crew (see his interview on Episode 23). Track 2 is Alcoholiday, a wild dedication to alcohol by Rec-League members Richie Cunning & QM (Episodes 4 & 22). Track 3 is Vinegar, by Richmond hip-hop/soul group The Dime (Episodes 17 & 18). Track 4, Wild Side, by Fillmore representative DaVinci (Episode 12). And finally, track 5 is God Bless, by North Bay emcee and producer TRUTHLiVE (Episode 20).

    Enjoy the sampler, every artist on the tape brings their own unique style to the tape and represents one small fraction of the Bay Area's music scene. And don't forget to come back July 31st for the real deal!

    Download: Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape Sampler


    Richie Cunning - One Dollar Wonder (How To Make It In America Remix)

    @RichieCunning is at it again. Mixing his classic song "One Dollar Wonder" with @AloeBlacc's "I Need A Dollar" (the theme song to How To Make It In America on HBO), a new slap for the scrilla-impaired has been born. Don't sleep on this one, and be sure to check out more of Richie Cunning's dopeness and the rest of the Rec-League over at!

    Download: Richie Cunning - One Dollar Wonder (How To Make It In America Remix)


    Richie Cunning - Richie Cunning's Day Off

    If you haven't heard of the Son of the City, you're really slippin. Up and comer Richie Cunning just dropped his debut album, Night Train, which was some of the dopest dope my cd player has ever smoked. This song wasn't on it, but if you enjoy clever raps and goofy videos, you will enjoy it.

    Peep Richie's music over at, his crew Rec-League over at, and his interview with the Em Dub for the prestigious Under The Bay series at


    QM ft. Richie Cunning - Blinded

    Off of QM's upcoming Happy Hour. Also peep Richie's Night Train, which dropped January 15! Cop that!

    Download: QM ft. Richie Cunning - Blinded


    Richie Cunning - Gobstopper (Remix)

    Off Richie's Late Night Special mixtape, which dropped Monday. One of my favorite tracks from the tape (it's from the heart). Keep an eye out for Richie's debut album, Night Train, dropping January 15th. Check 2 other dope, more superpunchlinified tracks from the mixtape after the jump, and you can get the full mixtape here.

    Download: Richie Cunning - Gobstopper (Remix)

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    Richie Cunning - Late Night Special

    The moment you've been waiting for...Richie Cunning's Late Night Special mixtape is finally here! Download it here, and while you wait I'll let the Rec-League boys tell you about him. Back cover/tracklist after the jump.

    Download: Richie Cunning - Late Night Special

    Richie Cunning is an emerging artist with a refreshing sound and a rock hard grasp of what it takes to catch the listeners ear. This mixtape is another step in his growing career. URB Magazine has described him as having “surprising grit, undeniable swagger & perfectly ill flow”. His song The City (off the upcoming album, Night Train) has been played numerous times to hype the crowd at Oracle Arena during Golden State Warriors games. He was infamously banned from Canada in 2007 while en route to headline his first international show. More and more people are starting to take notice as Richie, “The Son of the City”, continues to spread his own special brand of rugged yet polished rap music.

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