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    Zion I - The Livity Mixtape (Free Mixtape)

    Live Up Records presents a compilation of tracks from The Burnerz (Zumbi x The ARE), Amp Live, Zumbi, and of course ZION I!


    2010 Bay Area Freshmen 10 Recap: TRUTHLiVE

    With the ANNOUNCEMENT of The 2011 Bay Area Freshman 10 coming oh so soon, I thought now would be an appropriate time to look back at our 2010 Freshman and acknowledge the grind that they put in since being included in the inaugural list. So for the next few days we’ll look at one MC at a time and highlight their careers up to this point, as well as what they have done since becoming a Bay Area Freshman. Every artist’s career plan and philosophy is unique, but no matter who you are, taking advantage of legitimate buzz can never be wrong. Because in this fickle, over saturated world that we like to call hip-hop, the second you stop releasing content and doing shows, unfortunately seems to be the second many forget that you ever existed. So let’s see how the first Freshman class performed since they were named some of The Bay’s top prospects.


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    The Burnerz - Get Free (Official Video)

    New one from The Burnerz (Zumbi of Zion I + The ARE)! Yee!


    The Burnerz - We Were Kings (Official Video)

    New video from Zumbi of Zion I & The ARE, aka The Burnerz! Shoutout to Zumbi, it was good seeing you last night fam!


    The Burnerz - The Burnerz (Official Video)

    "I rouse for the rabble, flip words like scrabble" Zumbi is a beast. Check our review of The Burnerz album, dropping this Tuesday! EDIT: You might have seen this video the other day when it was uploaded, but it was made private afterwards so I'm guessing most of ya'll missed it. Tonight at midnight is it's official release.


    Zumbi and The ARE: The Burnerz (Album Review)

    Review by Simon Todd (aka HookedOnHipHop)

    The Burnerz really came out of left field, at least they did for me, but thank god they did. For those of you who are unaware The Burnerz consist of Zumbi, of Zion I fame, and Houston based producer The ARE of the TRACKMASTERS production team. The two join forces to craft a fresh new sound that still has an old school appeal to it.

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