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    iamsu! speaks with XXL about #NewBay, Up! & how Snoop Dogg made him cry

    @Iamsu @JaekiCho @XXLMag:

    Iamsu!'s not in a rush to push out a certified studio album. He's simply looking for a situation where he can express himself creatively without being stifled. While the Richmond, Calif.-raised rapper is most famous for producing and co-writing Loverance's hit Bay Area anthem "Up," which captured the clubs and radios across the country, Su's not in a position to push out a pile of booty knockers. "Show the range outside of party music," is what the 23-year-old rapper says he has in mind. Even with a bubbling movement that's drawing the attention of A-listers such as Wiz Khalifa, Su of HBK Gang is overtly down to earth, easygoing, and still pursuing a degree in communication at California State University of East Bay. With a full-throttle music career built around a chain of quality mixtapes, including his latest acclaimed effort $Uzy 6 $Peed, the producer/rapper sat down with XXL to discuss his musical upbringing, the Bay, and a string of quirky life moments. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)

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    Clyde Carson speaks with XXL about Slow Down & S.T.S.A.

    Clyde Carson speaks with XXL about Slow Down & S.T.S.A.

    @ClydeCarson @AdamXXL:

    Staying on your grind can pay dividends—Clyde Carson is a testament to that. The Bay Area native, who’s been putting out solo projects and group work as a member of The Team for over a decade, enjoyed the greatest success of his career with his hit “Slow Down.” The West Coast anthem remained on constant rotation on radio, spawned dance videos, and birthed a remix featuring Gucci Mane, E-40, Game and Dom Kennedy. Here, the MC talks about performing at Power 106′s Cali Christmas, the reception to “Slow Down,” his new mixtape and more. —Adam Fleischer

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    Loverance on working with 50 Cent, T.I. & Young Jeezy (Video)

    Loverance talks with XXL about working with 50, T.I, and Jeezy, and who gassed the Up! remix the most...


    Fatherly Advice From Too Short Lesson One: Cafeteria Etiquette (Video)

    Too Short drops some OG game with XXL on the beginning stages of Pimpin. Since Kindergarten son, since KINDERGARTEN!!


    XXL 2012 Freshmen 10 Nominations

    Love it or hate it, the XXL Freshmen 10 has a pretty strong track record. The vast majority of the artists in each year's list eventually have gone on to become major names in the rap biz. Is it solely because they got included on the Freshmen list? Probably not. But it is a great way for the rest of the world to get aquainted with rappers whose fan bases mainly consist of die hard hip-hop fans, and not the casual listener. 

    Last year, Lil B was the first Bay Area rapper to be an XXL Freshmen. This year, XXL is reserving one spot on the list for fans to vote on. Out of the 50 MC's up for nomination, four are from The Bay:

    Bobby BrackinsErk Tha JerkKreayshawn, and V-Nasty

    If you really want to help The Bay continue to get national recognition vote now! 

    Fan voting ends January 1st.

    Now when's a member of the Bay Area Freshmen 10 gonna become an XXL Freshmen?


    E-40 to release 3 albums on the February 28th (Article)

    West Coast Tycoon E-40 is going to start 2012 on an ambitious note: He’s releasing three LPs simultaneously on the same day in March.

    “I putting out The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2 and The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 3,” 40 explained recently via phone from his home in the Bay. “They’re all coming out the same day. You gonna see them in stores all sitting side by side. And they’re on iTunes.

    “We’re also gonna have a special edition where you can get all three in one bundle,” he added. “A three-pack for a nice price. But if you only have enough gudda for one, get one. Then come back in a couple of weeks when you get your check and get another one. I’m milking the system. I have my own label, ain’t no liaison, no middle man. I have my own distribution.  I’m not signed as no artist. I got a P&D deal which is a lovely situation.”

    40 says that throughout his three discs, he’ll be telling his patented brand of ghetto tales. Brotha Lynch Hung, YG, T-Pain, Raheem DeVaughn, 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle and The Hieroglyphics all appear on the projects. So, why put out three LPs at once? 40 says for one, he has “a lot to say.”

    “Rappin’ is my passion,” he added. “Then there’s gonna always be people who wanna hear me. It’s like chitterlings, a lot of people don’t like chittterlings, but a lot of people love em. I’m an acquired taste. Some folks putting out three, four or five mixtapes a year. This is no dis to mixtapes. I like mixtapes. But you have some people putting out mixtapes when it really is their album, but [calling it a mixtape] is just a security blanket in case the project don’t perform well. Like ‘oh, that’s just my mixtape.’ With me, I’m putting out albums. Aint no need of beating around the focal point. With me, when you spit the shit people wanna hear, it’s gonna spread like the flu and become contagious like a yawn.” —Shaheem Reid

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