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    RAZO - Champagne (#SummerOfSlaps) (Exclusive)

    @RAZO_HT hits us with a smooth joint for the first #SummerOfSlaps leak! The full album drops August 7th on Thizzler & iTunes so stay tuned!

    RAZO - Champagne (#SummerOfSlaps) [ Exclusive]

    RAZO - Champagne (#SummerOfSlaps) [ Exclusive]


    Smoov-E - I Funked Her First (Album)

    @smoovbasket is back with a brand new dope album, that's bring the flavor that only Smoov-E can bring! He drops 13 bangin and funky tracks for the party and the streets, including guest appearances from Andre Nickatina, Clyde Carson, Mumbls, Count Salas, and more! "I Funked Her First" is available online now!


    Too Short - 19,999

    @TooShort has got them Wilt Chamberlain numbers when it comes to Pimpin in this game! Check the Bangin' new single from the #OaklandLegend, "19,999"! iTunes link will be up as soon as it becomes available!


    Kool John - Shmop City (Album)

    #HEREITIS! @K00LJ0HN has unleashed his long awaited, highly anticipated, sure to be Masterpiece, "Shmop City"! He brings along the enite HBK/Shmop Crew for 20 new cuts, including verses from Berner, Iamsu!, Skipper, Show Banga, Jay Ant, P-Lo, Dave Steezy, Young Bari, NhT Chippass, Louie G The Don, ST Spittin, HBK CJ, F.L.I.P., 1-O.A.K., and Flow Tha Singer. Also features top notch productiover to on from Jay Ant, P-Lo, Iamsu!, and Kuya Beats of Invasion Beats, as well as YPOnTheBeat! You know damn well this shxt is gonna slap somethin' FIERCE, so make your way over to Shmop City right now, on iTunes!


    Thirsty - HoodCrew Summer '14 Teaser (Video)

    Download @LosRakas @Berner415 @NimaFadavi - Roll Up here.


    After talking to numerous homeless vagabonds/ crackheads throughout Utah and Oregon, we have accepted that the streets still are yet to be Freed, despite the name of our movie last season ( Since we can't help everyone get their fix, we decided it is more realistic to quench their thirst (a 24pack of bottled water only costs $5 at Wall-mart). It is easy to get dehydrated while molly whoppin with your baby girl in the streets of the dirty P so we want to encourage everyone to stay prepared this summer. With a little bit of liquid courage, we all might be able to gather the confidence to hit the 30ft Mid-Mountain closeout and follow in the footsteps of Moisty Fred. (
    None of us can ever anticipate how a season will pan out and while this ambivalence can often work in our favor, the '13-'14 season was ridden with injuries and subsequent fears. Sober Brad turned into Scared Brad and the pelican squad devolved into the Dodo birds. By the time April rolled around, Moisty Fred realized he was going to have to put the team on his back for the time being to keep the inspiration high. It is hard to say whether Moisty is a "good" skier or not ( but he definitely has mastered dry stair riding. Moisty's clearly real thirsty just like all your new tinder matches and if nothing else, we can guarantee a revolutionary stair skiing part in our offering this fall. "Thirsty" will ideally be a comedy. Action-sports seem to often get taken too seriously so we're here to break the void and satisfy the kids.



    Symba - The One (Exclusive)

    @TheRealSymba just laced us with his new joint The One! He's feeding the streets that new new, get ready for more Symba!