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    Kurt Diggler - Y'all Mad We Rich

    @MrKurtDiggler thinks he's Rick Flair & shit! Don't be mad he's rich... he'll pick up the tab! New slap off Kurt's upcoming album One Man Army 2, coming soon. BOOM! (Sponsored)

    Kurt Diggler - Y'all Mad We Rich []

    Kurt Diggler - Y'all Mad We Rich []


    In my story, The Jacka is still alive

    I don't want to write this. I don't want to write this because if I put it into words then all of a sudden it becomes real, and there's still a chance that I'm dreaming and tomorrow I'll wake up to a world where The Jacka is still alive. I don't want to write this because so many people have written much better tributes than I ever could, and I don't want to tarnish The Jacka's legend with a wack article by a rusty writer who really didn't know the man as well as he should have. That's why my tribute was originally only through video (although Monc, Matt Moretti & myself wrote a little something the night it happened). But as someone who was hugely impacted by him, I feel like it wouldn't be right if I didn't say something.

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    EXCLUSIVE PRESALE: Krush Groove w/ E-40, Too Short, The Luniz & more 4/17

    @LiveNationSF put together a DOPE line up for April, with @IceCube @E40 @BoneThugsNHarmony @TooShort @Dipset @Scarface and THE LUNIZ making their comeback!! And guess what.... we have an EXCLUSIVE presale code for you to get the best seats in the house! Presale tickets go on sale THURSDAY from 10AM to 10PM, and then regular tickets will be on sale starting at 10AM on Friday. To tap in to the presale, all you gotta do is use the code CLASSIC! Hit the button below on Thursday to get yours.


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    The last ever Zion I EP? Zion I - The Sun Moon & Stars (EP)

    @Zumbi808 & @AmpLive have made it official - this is their last EP together as Zion I (although it sounds like Zumbi will be keeping the Zion I name alive). While it's a huge disappointment that this is last one, at the same time, as a fan there have been warning signs for a while (guest producers?). Even though they won't be continuing together, I'm still excited to see what they do solo, and I'm sure they'll both continue to create classic music, just as they have for the past 20 years. With that said, below is Zumbi's statement about the situation, and the final EP for you to stream.

    "I am writing this to the casual fan and the rabid connoisseur of Zion I's music over the past 15 years.  Many of you have seen the immense growth and diversity of art created over this stretch of time, while others are newly exposed to the music we have made.  I respect both extremes, and everything that falls in between, which is why I feel compelled to write this to you in all honesty and sincerity.

    Making music is an obvious path of growth.  When creating with others, bonds are formed, so much so, that those I create with are considered family.  Within this industry, it is a constant challenge to redefine and continue to push the boundaries of one's creativity.  This rigorous demand can create immense stress and tension, often times resulting in glorious works of art, and other times resulting in loss and tragedy. It really becomes like a family, where you may fight with your brother or sister, but deep down there is an undying respect because you share the same blood.

    With that said, AmpLive is no longer rocking with Zion I.  He will occasionally contribute production, but he is no longer the full time producer or tour DJ.  Over the past few years we have grown apart in our artistic vision, with me focusing solely on Zion I, and him focused more so on his solo career.  I won't lie and say that is has been easy, because it has been tremendously difficult to navigate after all of this time creating and traveling together.  However, we have come to mutual agreement that the current situation is the best choice in this moment.  I wish him continued success on his solo career and whatever other projects he is involved with.

    Don't be sad or bummed though, because Zion I will continue on strong!  I will continue to create soulful, uplifting music as I always have.  Since finally resolving this situation recently, I have felt an incredible surge creatively.  The Sun Moon and Stars EP is dropping on Feb. 3rd.  The Rapture: Live from Oaklandia, a live album featuring many of our classic jams from over the years will be released this Spring.  In addition to this, I have started Mind Over Matter, the new label that will house all of Zion I's new music, as well as burgeoning artists on the cutting edge of soul, hip hop and electronic music.

    I am excited to share this new chapter with you, and I ask that if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via social media.  Maximum respect to all massive and crew..Peace!"


    The Jacka was shot & killed tonight in East Oakland

    We're at a total loss for words.... Tonight our big homie The Jacka was killed in East Oakland, apparently by a gunshot to the head. A Bay Area icon was taken from us last night... I would always run into @jackamobfigaz in the randomest places and he was always the coolest, most humble dude. I'll never forget when @coldasdom and I were filming for the 2013 #BAF10 and we stumbled on Jacka & @therealdubbleoo having a weed and lean picnic in the woods by Lake Merritt lol - with any other gangster rapper it would have seemed totally out of place, but with the Jacka, in a weird way, it just made sense. To celebrate his legacy, we're streaming The Jacka music videos 24/7 all week on Thizzler. Rest in peace to a true legend. We miss you Jack.

    With a long legacy of street hits & radio anthems, Jacka was one of the most respected people in the Bay Area and an underground hero all over the world. His loss is a massive tragedy for the whole Bay Area and beyond. Our prayers go out to his family, his friends, and his manager @GoldenmeanPK. More words and songs from Matt Moretti & YoungMonc below. - Em Dub (Get more details on the actual shooting via SFGate)

    RIP to a motherfuckin legend though....The Jacka....was the staple for "it aint about what you say but how you say it", but don't get it twisted, he was lyrical as well....but it was the way he delivered his bars is what made him stand out....he didn't sound like anybody else....he was was a strong believer in his religion and a very good hearted person....there's a reason everybody has memories and good stories with him, cuz the aura he carried when he met you....he never treated anybody any different....he wasn't the flashy rapper, he could pull up anywhere in the Bay Area and made it his home and made everyone around him feel like they are a part of his circle....we really lost a good one....i know everybody got a couple jack song that hit home for them....keep slapping that and keep his memories rockin tho....

    He up there right now making a dope track with Mac Dre x Johnny Ca$h x Pretty Black x King Freako one more time.... - youngMONC

    I'm speechless. I truly can't believe that The Jacka is gone. Coming up in an era full of rap artists faking it until they made it, The Jacka rapped in a way that felt more meaningful than anyone else. His music was far from an act, a charade, or joke. His lyrics vividly represented the highs and lows of life in a way unmatched by most. The beauty of making money and being surrounded by your loved ones was flawlessly contrasted with the pain and sense of hopelessness that comes with growing up in the streets and dealing with poverty, hunger, and danger. His music provided motivation to continue to succeed no matter what struggles we deal with on a daily basis, or what risks we have to take to survive. And on those dark days when it felt like the world was collapsing around us, in just one or two bars he could express your exact feelings and let you know that you weren't alone. Sometimes words can't do justice to describing the feeling music gives you. It just hits you. The Jacka's music was that way. It was unorthodox, it was different, some people didn't get it. But The Bay got it, and we loved him. He was the soundtrack to so many lives. He was the spark to so many careers (he was my first published interview). He was a father, a mentor, a best friend, and so much more. He was a true legend and he will be sorely missed yet never forgotten. His impact on The Bay is permanent and will undoubtedly be felt for generations. Rest In Peace, and my sincerest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. - Matt Moretti


    Em Dub's Slaps Of The Week 1/26 - 2/1

    Check it out, more slaps! Thizzler founder @EmDubious made a playlist of a few of his favorite slaps from last week (Monday-Sunday), out of songs uploaded to the Thizzler Soundcloud! Peep game and get up on slaps!

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