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    Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape

    <a href="">Introduction by Thizzler On The Roof</a>

    It's here! Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape features 23 new tracks, from each artist that was featured on Season 1 of Under The Bay. For those who have been sleeping, Under The Bay is our weekly video interview series showcasing dope unknown, underground or up and coming hip-hop talent from the Bay Area. The tracklist include exclusive new tracks from Bay Area veterans Casual (of Hieroglyphics), Equipto (of Bored Stiff), DaVinci, Roach Gigz, Nio Tha Gift, TRUTHLiVE, Jern Eye, Z-Man, Dex Beats, Seneca, Richie Cunning & QM, Khafre, Rafael Casal, Citizen, BPos, Equivalent Exchange, and Big A.

    Bandcamp: Under The Bay Season 1:  The Mixtape
    Under The Bay Season 1:  The Mixtape

    Special thanks to everyone who posted the singles/sampler/promo videos, tweeted about it, or helped promote it any way. And extra special thanks to all the artists involved, without you none of this would have been possible. And extra extra special thanks to D-Wiz, if you need mastering in the Bay Area I suggest you hit him up - I can't tell you how many of these tracks were supposedly "mastered" that he made sound a hundred times better.

    Iif you're digging the mixtape, or if you'd be interested in a hard copy, leave a comment!


    Episode 1: Clif Soulo - Dope.Man (prod. Cooking Soul)
    Episode 2: Nima Fadavi - Spaceships ft. Rey Resurreccion (prod. Nima Fadavi)
    Episode 3: Citizen - Things Ain't What They Used To Be ft. Sean E Depp, Gee (prod. Citizen)
    Episode 4+22:  Richie Cunning & QM - Alcoholiday ft. Dregs One (prod. Dregs One)
    Episode 5: Rafael Casal - 2 Faces ft. P. Jericho (prod. Mikos of 40Love)
    Episode 6: Ro Knew - Make You Move (Remix) (prod. Michael Stone)
    Episode 7+8: BPos (Goodword & D-Wiz) - The Station ft. Khafre (prod. Big Shawn)
    Episode 9: Z-Man - I Can't Believe I Used To Go With You (prod. Moss)
    Episode 10: Seneca - Romantics (prod. Seneca)
    Episode 11: Khafre - The Same ft. Tess (prod. D-Wiz)
    Episode 12: DaVinci - Wild Side (prod. Shaad Wiggins)
    Episode 13: OrukusaKi - Stack Up (prod. Stro)
    Episode 14: Jern Eye - Big Ol' Bump ft. Kewl Chris (prod. Headnodic)
    Episode 15: Equivalent Exchange - Around That Corna ft. Errelevent, Jose Santana, Stik Gillatine (prod. Equivalent Exchange)
    Episode 16: Nio Tha Gift - I Gets It In ft. R.O.D. (prod. Jay Ell)
    Episode 17+18: The Dime (K.nightshift & Chioke) - Vinegar (prod. Tim Diesel)
    Episode 19: Balance - I'm Here Now ft. Greenspan, Rain (prod. Traklordz)
    Episode 20: TRUTHLiVE - God Bless (prod. TRUTHLiVE)
    Episode 21: Equipto (Bored Stiff) - Never Can Say ft. Akil, Rome (prod. Perk)
    Episode 23: Casual (Hieroglyphics) - Casual-ual! (prod. Rod Shields)
    Episode 24: Roach Gigz - Sweet Bandit (prod. C-Loz)
    Episode 25: Dex Beats - Pass U Twice ft. Beetiki (prod. Dex Beats)
    Episode 26: Big A - Get That Money (prod. Big A)

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