Dex Beats – In The Studio with Lee Majors & Dru Down

I’m diggin these videos from Dex Beats. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check out the Paint Revisited (Graffiti) video from Dex, it’s pretty damn dope.

Dru Down, the mack of the year is fresh out and the big homie, Lee Majors has him in the Stay Tooned studio working on his next album. That night Lee Majors made it a mission to find some major slap. He went through over 100s of beats that night from his email, but gave me the opportunity to slide by the Oakland studio to play some personally for Dru Down and himself. It went well. I wanted to showcase Dru Down at work more than anything else. So, not too much Dex Beats and more of Dru in this vlog.

Dru Down’s album “Chronicles of a Pimp” will be releasing this year sometime in the Summer, so be on the look out. AND I believe Lee Majors is coming out with an album entitled “Turkey Bag Boy” as well.

Lee Majors also gave me a snippet of a track with himself and Jessica Rabbit over a Dex Beat. It sounded ill and mentioned a possible video. So, stay tuned!!

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