BPos ft. Sound Earth – 122112 (Exclusive)

The first single from San Francisco’s BPos, off their upcoming free album the Pos Tapes Vol.1…

Following their debut release, “The Upside” (Which reached #4 on CMJ Hip Hop chart in June, 2010), BPos offers a free download full-length album titled “Pos Tapes Vol.1” Sept 7th, 2010. First in a sequence of three scheduled Pos Tapes, Vol.1 features beats exclusively from Big Shawn (PimpTapsMovement). Big Shawn was a founding member of Bored Stiff, a renowned San Francisco Hip Hop group that formed in 1992, and to this day makes all his beats on a SP1200, hence the grimy sound.

The first single, “122112 Ft. Sound Earth,” features Big Shawn’s newest group, Sound Earth (Big Shawn & Heddy Fur). The song touches heavily on the agenda behind the proposed new world order and the effects it may have on US, the people of the world.

Download: BPos ft. Sound Earth – 122112 (Exclusive)

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