TSS presents Smoking Sessions with Zion I & The Grouch (Interview)

As the stronghold of Bay Area underground Hip-Hop, Zion I has never stepped on the mainstream stage despite creating several critically-acclaimed alternative albums in the last decade. Their desire to stay to true to their music and loyal to their fans is a great responsibility to them. Subsequently, it takes priority over any amount of money they could receive on any higher platform.

So on a similar theme, their second studio album alongside longtime journeyman, The Grouch,Heroes in the Healing of the Nation, takes their years of experience and quite literally gives it all back to the people worldwide. As part of their current Heroes… tour the group is donating a percentage of profits to each and every host city, as a version of living the album’s message.

And while on this legacy-making tour, Zion I and The Grouch were able to take some time off to chop it up with TSS Crew’s Raj and give some insight on the album’s behind the scenes, their future plans for the group and to finally clarify why going mainstream isn’t ever going to be for them.

Read the full interview at The Smoking Section…

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