Bobby Nino’s Hot Topic: Rossi (5/31/11)


Welcome all for another HOT TOPIC and my next artist I wrote about today is a singer who will soon be rising to the top. Making hearts melt and giving people that feeling that’s been missing….

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This guy named ROSSI is a TALENTED singer from the streets of Richmond, CA with alot of ambition and passion that he puts in his music. One of the best voices I myself have heard and this HBK singer has yet to let me down with his music. His song “Love” is a smooth R&B track that makes you feel where his heart and his music is. Song produced by JUSTIN KASE and it’s a classic love song and has a great 90’s feeling which we haven’t felt in music in a while. As I normally do, I asked Rossi a few questions and he gave some honest answers back and didn’t sell false hope.

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