How To Have A Trill Halloween by 100 Grand On My Wrist

E-40 ft. Bosko “Spooky”

Halloween is one of the best holidays ever and potentially hella fun. Let me walk you through some Bay Area rap related ways to have a good time so that you don’t end up alone dressed as Raggedy Ann crying yourself to sleep. But what can you dress as and what music should you listen to to ensure a fun Halloween? Don’t even sweat it bro, I got you:

Option #1: Go out as Mac Dre!

Order one of these terrifying masks for the low price of $29.99 and let the good times roll! Bonus points if you actively take ecstasy and go to a club and see how frightened everyone is by your mask (jk don’t ever do ecstasy). Guaranteed fun will unfold as you dance to terrible music and feel amazing on the inside. But what if you are more of an introvert?:

Option #2:
Stay in and and think murderous and suicidal thoughts!
We are all God’s creatures, but let’s be honest, we were not all created good-looking and charming. If you are an awkward looking and acting dude, then just stay in and listen to some fucked up horror raps and think about dark things. And what better soundtrack to do so than Brotha Lynch Hung’s Season of Tha Siccness!:

Brotha Lynch Hung “Sicc Made”

I can’t guarantee a good time if you go with this option, but at least you will be following the theme of the night.

Option #3


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