Mix #28 by 100 Grand On My Wrist

Some new songs, some old songs, all slaps:

1.) Hollow Tip “No More Brains”

I mentioned in the Sacramento post how raw Hollow Tip used to be and here is proof of that. This is off his debut album, Takin No Shortz from 1996. The raps are hard as fuck in this song and the beat is some of that classic West Coast gangster shit that you can’t help but love. Easily one of the best rap songs to ever come out of the area.

2.) Stevie Joe “Quick Fast”

This beat is hard as fuck. Kind of reminds me of AP.9’s “The Grinch”, which is one of my favorite Bay Area rap songs of all time. Stevie goes in on this beat too, real impressive. Honestly one of the rawest songs I’ve heard all year.

3.) Shady Nate ft. Mayback & Bandaide “Traphouse”

Shady Nate is such a talented rapper, just wish his beats matched his capabilities more often. Son of the Hood suffers a bit from mediocre beats and too many features, but Shady Nate’s raps still shine through. This song has a tight retro thumping bass line.

4.) 1st Place aka TJ aka Stressmatic “Summertime”

Stressmatic’s shift from hyphy music to bro rap was pretty jarring when it first occurred last year, but I’m glad he did it. He’s definitely been making some entertaining music lately, the chorus of this song has been in my head all week and doesn’t want to leave.

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