Slaps Of The Week (3/18/12 – 3/24/12)

I know Em Dub and I disagree on this, but I thought it was hilarious watching Warriors fans boo Joe Lacob. I also think they were justified for a couple of reasons: 1). They paid money to be in those seats (many of them were season ticket holders), so if they want to boo, they’ve paid for that right, 2.) Not only did Lacob make postseason promises he couldn’t keep, we’re waaaay worse this year than we were last year, 3.) The trade was questionable. Maybe it will turn out to be a genius move next year, but for right now, between the future health concerns of both Curry and Bogut, ownership has left way too much room for doubt if they were at all interested in having the support of the majority of fans.

On the music tip, this week we had a handful of great free mixtapes, an ill album from Oakland’s youngest OG, some really dope videos from mainstream vets and underground champs, and Mp3’s on Mp3’s on Mp3’s.

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