Slaps Of The Week (4/1/12 – 4/7/12)

Unfortunately, this was another heart breaking week for The Bay Area as a community. The mass murder on Monday was an epic tragedy, and a cold reminder that even if we are dedicating our lives to doing everything right, we’re still vulnerable to hatred. Oaksterdam also got raided by the feds the same day. At least to me, these events created a contrast that shows just how backwards our justice system is. I’m not saying that if the Feds weren’t raiding Oaksterdam, they would have been able to stop the shooting at Oikos University. Yet looking at the events side by side, it seems all the more clear that one is the reason why the police exist in the first place, and the other is a gigantic waste of time, money, and effort. Especially when considering that it goes against the will of people, who happen to be the ones who pay police and federal agents’ salaries.

Anyways, make sure to hit the jump to check out all the music you need to hear from this past week. And oh yeah, Happy Easter to everyone who does that!

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