Slaps Of The Week (8/12/12 – 8/18/12)

Finding out that Melky tested positive for ‘roids and is out for 50 games sucked. Although I must admit that I haven’t watched too much of the season this year. I’m simply incapable of getting into the habit of watching regular season baseball. There’s too many games, they’re all long and slow, and that doesn’t work well with having things to do on a regular basis. Although I have been paying attention to the rankings, and patiently waiting for the playoffs. But with the tight race with the Dodgers, and the looming possibility of missing the postseason, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. And I can’t imagine how disappointing it is for everyone who’s actually been watching all season long. On the bright side of things, if the Giants want to resign him after this season, his asking price and negotiating leverage just damn near bottomed out.

Musically, the Bay continues to push the boundaries and it was on full exhibition this week, so hit the jump to catch up on some releases you may have missed.

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