Thizzler x Xzibit – X talks about E-40, his new album Napalm & more

s/o @Xzibit @MzLiMari2u!

We got a rare chance to chop it up with Xzibit the other night before his show at The New Parish in Oakland, and after 6 years with no studio album, we didn’t really know what to expect. But we were very happy to find out that not only does X still got it musically (based on the songs he performed that night the new album SLAPS!!) but he’s also a real down-to-earth dude and a cool ass interviewee. Check out Em Dub’s uncut interview with X & make sure you cop that new album Napalm! COP IT!

Oh, and watch out for who Xzibit shouts out towards the end…You might not be that surprised…


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