10 Bay Area Producers To Watch In 2013

Written by @MattMoretti:

Producers are too often the unsung heros of hip-hop. While for the most part their names don’t ring bells like MC’s or singers, at the end of the day most people still listen to the beat first and the lyrics second. The production coming out of The Bay has always been incredibly diverse, but it has also consistently maintained a style of it’s own. As we close up 2012 we salute the producers that created the soundtracks to our lives over the past year, and we look forward to 2013 and who we expect to make power moves alongside incredible music next year.

*Note: This list is in no particular order. Additionally there are countless producers out here who are extremely talented. Yet it’s impossible to write about everyone, so I limited it to 10. If you didn’t make this list, be assured that we still have major love for you and what you do.*

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