Slaps Of The Week (2/19/12 – 2/25/12)

Over here at Thizzler, this week has had one main focus: our first Uncut Dope showcase at 330 Ritch, and it’s tonite starting at 8! Screw the Academy Awards, and don’t trip off of not getting to watch your favorite basketball players half ass it during the all star game (wasn’t last night’s dunk contest one of the worst ever?). The Thizzler showcase is what’s gonna make today a Sunday Fun Day to remember. So make sure to cop your tickets now! Also, to get you amped for the show, while you’re getting dressed up and having those first drinks of the pre-game, listen to my choices for the musical highlights of this past week. [Em Dub’s Note: Woops, didn’t have time to publish this yesterday. Uncut Dope was hella dope though! Video recap coming soon for those who missed it….]

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