BPos – Pos Tapes Vol. 3 (Free Mixtape)

Yuuuuuuuuppp! If you know anything about the San Francisco underground hip-hop scene, you’ve probably heard of the BPos homies. They just dropped their 3rd installment of the Pos Tapes series, with serious hip hop slap produced in full by ghostNOTES! Next Up: The Pos Tapes: The Album. Hit up their release party (and the homie Khafre’s birthday party) tomorrow at Club 6 in SF.

In an alternate animated dimension in which super humans exist, BPos has become the guardian’s of their city, San Francisco, CA. Pedifile dismemberment, damsel de-stressing, and pimp tapping are just a few of the many duties of this super hero crew. But when the world is faced with a new threat that could bring about the demise of humanity, BPos is called upon to stop the GMA’s (Genetically Modified Artists).

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