The Burgundy Blues with Mike-Dash-E & Nick Maples

by Matt Moretti

Exclusive Free Download presents Mike-Dash-E – Burgundy Project (Free Album)

Since Mike Dash-E’s emergence into the game, he has been one of the more prolific MC’s of the new bay era. In just about three years he dropped 4 mixtapes, 3 volumes of Clap City, 1 retail album, and has rapped his soul out on countless features. Yet it’s been just over a year since Mike dropped his last full project, I Am Hustle, and according to him, it’s now time for hip-hop fans to be reacquainted with Mike Dash-E and to hear about what he’s been up to. Rest assured, the man who coined the phrase 3rd World Hustle has been far from lazy. In fact, Mike’s ceaseless work ethic and drive for success is enough to make you feel like you’ve been squandering your life away in comparison. In 2012 he took a trip to the Philippines where he connected with family, did shows, and collaborated with artists from out there, he performed in NY, he stepped his merch up and easily doubled the inventory for his 3 Up Clothing line, he built out the roster of his 3rd World Hustle label by adding 4 artists including Adrian Per and P Mac amongst others, he produced and promoted multiple concerts to raise money for the Philippines, he shot a ton of music videos, and regularly leant his voice to projects all over The Bay. Then after all that, and holding down a successful day job, Mike has been spending countless hours recording for a minimum of 3 solo projects due out before the Summer of 2013. He does not stop.

This week I was lucky enough to have the honor to sit in on the first fully mixed, mastered and sequenced listen of Mike’s first 2013 release: The Burgundy Project. Its a collaborative album with producer Nick Maples of the HBK, and is being presented exclusively by Thizzler next Tuesday, January 29th. While hanging out in the studio and chopping it up over shots of Jameson with Mike, Nick, Adrian Per, and Rapping Ass Gabe, I got some background on the project and started to sense that they had created something really special with the album.

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