G Koop & O-man #39 “Scared Money” feat Marc Garvy

New & improved, here’s the 39th installment of G Koop & O-man.

In this first-of-its-kind episode, guest Marc Garvy takes the helm and we follow him (along with G Koop, O-man, and Anthony Caruso) through the conception and execution of a new track, “Scared Money.”

It is common for GKOM to feature a guest performance at the end of each episode, and we often have musical guests contributing to the beat. This is the first time that a musician has been a part of the construction and performance processes, which is truly a testament to Marc Garvy’s staggering versatility.

Live drums, weird sampled bass, passing trains, laser-light show, epic guitar tone, a synthfunky hook, mini-harmonica, and even some gang vocals from the team. Vol 39 “Scared Money”

G Koop & O-man #39

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