G Koop & O-man #40 “Juice” feat Blush, Foreign Legion, DJ Toure, & DJ Platurn

Friday, March 1, 2013 marks the first live G Koop & O-man performance at the grand opening of the Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland, CA. Owner and longtime GKOM friend Prozack Turner joins us on this episode along with fellow Foreign Legionnaire Marc Stretch.

When we saw that Quincy Jones was presenting pan-Asian supergroup “Blush” in the Bay Area, Chuck Fishman made arrangements to bring them to Fuzz Deluxxe for a GKOM session. Alisha, Angeli, Ji Hae, Nacho, and Victoria dropped some vocal stabs and whispers that we fed to DJ Platurn.

G Koop & O-man #40

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