Happy Birthday Mac Dre!

via @MattMoretti:

Today is Mac Dre’s birthday and he would have been 43 years old. His passing 9 years ago was a tragic loss of one of The Bay Area’s greatest artistic talents of any medium, yet it was also a rallying cry to unify the Bay and get our music heard on a national level. Our regional music scene has significantly changed since his passing. Yet one thing that has remained constant, and will always remain constant, is our love and appreciation for Mac Dre. With that in mind, take some time out of today to play your favorite Mac Dre songs, maybe dust off that Trill TV DVD, and relive some memories.

While I’m sure most people will be giving all of the party anthems a lot of attention tonight, I know I’m going to spend some time this afternoon revisiting some of the other areas of The Mac’s catalogue. He definitely spit some of the most entertaining and hilarious bars in Bay Area, and really hip-hop history, but it’s important to not forget that his music accomplished much more than simply making us laugh. He regularly rapped about poverty, police brutality, jail conditions, and many other harsh realities that hundreds of thousands experience living in The Bay Area every day. “Life’s A Bitch”, in 6 minutes manages to describe the mentality and philosophy of street life better than an author could do in a book spanning hundreds of pages. And to me, songs like these are often where Mac Dre’s greatest talents are on display. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite Mac Dre tracks that focus on more than just pimping and partying.

Make sure to post your favorite Mac Dre songs and memories in the comments section. Thizz In Peace!

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