Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2013: HBK CJ

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Representing the HBK Gang, CJ (also known as Clarence J) brings a different angle to the traditional HBK image. With his focus more on meaningful lyrics than party songs (although he can still turn up when the time is right), CJ has opened up a new lane for himself, and with the HBK Gang behind him, he has been able to build up his fanbase and get his music heard across the country. With 2 mixtape releases in the past year (#CrashCourse and 2.0), multiple videos, and notable features with the HBK Gang and iamsu!, he’s kept a consistent buzz, and that will only get bigger when he releases his next 2 mixtapes, Dark Zero & State Of Mind, on July 30th. Watch out for this young spitter from Oakland…

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