A-Plus x AAGEE – Time To Let Go (Music Video)

@HieroAPlus of @HieroImperium & AAGEE of Compound 7 have a new album coming, and here’s the first video! Official release below.

The video for lead single “Time to Let Go” depicts a scene at the sort of after-hours club where A-Plus and AAGEE might have frequented while developing material for Molly’s Dirty Water. The club’s atmosphere mirrors the track’s fusion of hip-hop and EDM elements: spliffs and break-dancers meet flashing lights and pounding music. As the party escalates, one unfortunate “party girl” pushes past her limits.

Souls of Mischief co-founder A-Plus and Compound 7 cohort AAGEE are proud to announce the release of their collaboration Molly’s Dirty Water. The hip-hop veterans cite their experiences partying at EDM clubs as inspiration for this experimental new project, which fuses a hip-hop attitude with the sonic vocabulary of EDM production styles. The blend of instrumentals and tracks with lyrics furthers the album’s EDM aesthetic. Labeling their character “Molly” as a drug reference would be an oversimplification: A-Plus says of their concept, “…some songs are more about a cool girl named Molly, others about a not so cool girl named Molly.”

While A-Plus and AAGEE are no strangers to experimentation — the Oakland, CA based musicians’ last release was the Red Hot Chili Peppers-inspired release Pepper Spray – the new album Molly’s Dirty Water pushes the boundaries of hip-hop even further. A-Plus describes, “I was free to try different things out both lyrically and production-wise. Once again, stuff that wouldn’t fly in the Hiero paradigm. I enjoyed the freedom to experiment, because any hip-hop purist backlash I’d normally get was kind of removed from the gate, due to the experimental nature of the music and subject matter…”


A-Plus x AAGEE - Time To Let Go (Music Video)

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