Mac Dre biopic coming soon, says Tray Chaney of The Wire (Video)

@TrayChaney is producing and playing Kilo Curt in an upcoming Mac Dre biopic, coming soon! They have a 2 film deal and it has the full approval of Mac Wanda (Dre’s mom) and the Thizz family. The question is, is Mike Epps really going to be playing Mac Dre? Peep what AllHipHop had to say below and tune in around the 3:40 mark to hear Tray talk about it.

A Mac Dre biopic is on the way. According to actor/rapper Tray Chaney (The Wire), the Bay Area rap legend will be the subject of an upcoming motion picture.

“I’m a producer on a Mac Dre biopic,” Chaney revealed on DMV Spotlight with Mr. Peter Parker. “It’s a two picture film deal about Mac Dre, his life, his music, how he affected the culture of Hip Hop and some of the artists.”

Chaney will also star as Dre’s friend Curtis “Kilo Curt” Nelson, and he says four cast members from The Wire are part of the production as well. While Chaney could not give up who those particular actors are, he does add that Mac Dre’s mother, Wanda Salvatto, has endorsed the project.

Mac Dre (born Andre Hicks) was killed in 2004. He was 34 years old.


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