Simmi – Til Dawn (EP)

@SIMMIsings X @KnowyStargazer work together to create a seamless ten minute journey on Simmi’s first release Til Dawn. The 3 track EP effortlessly blends the Eclectronic, Pop, and RnB genres in a way that leaves the listener feeling like they’ve gotten everything what they came for, without ever feeling overly produced. The spaced out, reverb-heavy beats reminds you why they call Knowy the Stargazer.

For Til Dawn to be her first project, Simmi sounds like she’s been doing this for a very long time. He vocals come accross confident and soulful (See “6:AM”)l. Her lyrics are poetic and relatable. LISTEN TO THE EP ABOVE, which comes complete with a guest feature from @_ibenjamin, artwork by @ELECTRICB1UE and mixing and mastering by @PRSJON.