Philthy Rich x Freeway x Paul Wall – King Jack (Prod. AK47)

@philthyrichFOD x @Phillyfreezer x @paulwallbaby link up with Producer @AK47Beats to pay homage to the lost Bay Icon The Jacka with their Must Slap cut, “King Jack”. As today marks the eve of The Jacka’s passing one year ago, the 3 heavy hittas show that no matter how much time passes, his music and his memory remain a strong a force as ever. From The West Coast to the East Coast, to the Midwest, and Down South, love is shown for the Pioneer Bay Emcee. Quit stallin’ and grab your copy of the MP3, which will be featured on Philthy Rich’s “Real Nxggas Back In Style” Album! Stay tuned for more from “Jack History Month” on!

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