Clyde Shankle – Breathin’ Underwater (prod. Andrew Bearford)

@ClydeShankle is by far the least flashy member of his rap trio Down 2 Earth, but he is also the member who gives us the most material. Today Clyde Shankle continues the onslaught with the Andrew Bearford produced “Breathin’ Underwater”. “Breathin’ Underwater”, like many of his recent releases, showcases his growth lyrically and developmentally.

Clyde sinks deeper into his own thoughts and contemplations, doubts and criticisms. He says that at 21 it still feels like no ones really fucking with him, which can be interpreted in two ways. On one hand he may be feeling as if no one’s really showing him the love he feels he deserves for the effort he’s put into his craft. On the other hand, he may be feeling as if no one else is providing the quality of content that he provides on records. Either way, Clyde Shankle continues to drop gems and we’re all for that.

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