Mozzy – Mandatory Check (Album)

Here it is! The skyrocketing career of the Hellgang ringleader isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Mozzy has set the streets ablaze for over a year now with a slew of projects and features in which he creates vivid images of grimey street life with raw yet clever lyrics and real experiences that constantly have you repeatin’ his verses with a quickness! Mozzy’s highly anticipated new album “Mandatory Check” is one the streets have been fiendin’ for! The Oak Park boss delivers 18 tracks of pure fire, including collaborations with The Jacka (RIP), June, Iamsu!, Lil Goofy, Lil Blood, E Mozzy, Sleepy D., Kunta, Lex Aura, and more! Quit stallin’, you know this is a Mandatory Snatch! You can stream it below and grab your copy of Mozzy’s “Mandatory Check” right now!

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