Kamaiyah stuns at her first headlining show in Oakland! (Recap)

It’s June 17th, 2016, a warm Friday night in bustling downtown Oakland, California. The time is 9:30 PM and there has been a line around the corner at The New Parish for a few hours. Who is everyone waiting to see? None other than the Town’s very own, Kamaiyah (@ItsKamaiyah). Her name shone on a bright marquee, right above bold letters that read “SOLD OUT”. It has been only three months since her first mixtape, A Good Night in the Ghetto, was released, but, the immense waves it has created not only in the Bay Area, but all over the country, are truly striking. Between her incredible lyrical skills, that unforgettable voice and the amazing production team behind her music, every single track is a hit. The proof is in her fans.

As The New Parish began to fill up, the energy level rose higher and higher. @DJShellHeart was on the 1’s and 2’s keeping everybody moving and having a good time. @TrillYounginsTY and @GMalyBrown were among the artists to open for her set. They killed it, keeping the people entertained as we waited. When Kamaiyah’s DJ, @DJOhSoXo, took over, things really began to heat up. You could see, hear and feel the anticipation from the crowd building. Until finally, Kamaiyah emerged from stage left and everyone’s eyes lit up with pure excitement. She barely had a chance to speak as the crowd went absolutely wild. After a quick hello, the first song, “I’m On”, blared through the speakers and she was rocking the mic like no other. Kamaiyah had a very natural stage presence and I have never before seen an audience so extremely thrilled. They were singing along and knew every single word to every single song throughout the entire show. As the beginning of each song began, the screaming fans just got louder and louder.

She turned up with everybody to just about every song from A Good Night in the Ghetto, and I know I wasn’t the only one hoping Drake and YG would come out during “Why You Always Hatin’?”. The most touching moment of the night was when Kamaiyah asked for the lights to be dimmed as “For My Dawg” came on. Everyone put their cell phone light up for the recently passed, James, whose mother was invited on stage. It was an emotional moment and truly heartfelt. When “How Does It Feel” came on, I swear I felt the floor bounce along with the audience. There were a few times when Kamaiyah looked towards the back of the stage, and just smiled as she shook her head in seeming disbelief of the incredible amount of love and support that was right in front of her. She was absolutely glowing.

There was not one moment that night when the people weren’t wilding out. @KCamp427 gave a surprise performance, and no one saw it coming when Kamaiyah brought Bow Wow (@SMoss) on stage to rock with her. Also among the 300+ fans present that night was the Oakland’s own, @G_Eazy. And of course, @HottBoyZay, Joey B and the @HyphyHoochies were ever present on stage giggn’ all night. It was an incredible experience to be a part of and I’m sure I speak for the entire audience that if you weren’t there, you surely missed out on the most poppin’ show of Summer 2016.

Kamaiyah is a strong and successful female figure that is straight up murdering the music game with her oozing talents, straight up swagger and universal lyrics that truly speak to our higher intellect. She has made it clear through her hard work and obvious impact that she isn’t going anywhere but up from here. This Oakland Queen has truly made her mark in Bay Area music history and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

Recap written by Miss Amanda Lamb (@MissLamb43)

Thizzler on the Roof Street Team Captain

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