Rexx Life Raj – Father Figure (Album)

@RexxLifeRaj finally unleashes his long awaited follow up to The Escape EP and his collab with Kyral Music, Dreamland: Telegraph Ave. Father Figure is a 13-track undertaking that finds the Berkeley rapper taking strides to further secure chances at a place in the Bay Area’s hip-hop upper echelon, joining the ranks of other up and comers Nef The Pharoah, Kamaiyah, and Larry June.

Following up the success of singles “Moxie Java” (with the aforementioned Nef The Pharaoh) and “Shit N Floss”, Father Figure showcases Raj’s penchant for crafting catchy, ear-wormy choruses that sound as much inspired by Drake as they are by cuts you’d catch on 98.1FM. Don’t get it twisted though the local dad can also rap his ass off and showcases his deft bars on most of his tracks though, they admittedly often take a backseat to his engaging singing. Just to throw a wrench in your expectations Raj even produces the track that might be the most reflective and historical recounting of his life, an ode to his father, “OJW3” (this blogger’s favorite so far).

Overall this joint is a worthy listen and a manifesto from a hungry artist who knows he has what it takes to do his art at a high level with the focus of an athlete seeking a championship. Listen to Father Figure above, and cop it on iTunes tonight when it becomes available.

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