Joe Blow – Blow Money (Album Artwork)

@j0eblow made a shocking announcement on his instagram account recently, sharing that he’ll be retiring from the game after the release of his upcoming album “Blow Money”. He stated, “I’m dropping my last album this year. I appreciate everybody who fucked with my music. Imma make sure this last one is some of my best work. Might not even have any features. But I will keep y’all posted on when it’s coming. #ripjacka #shitaintthesame.” It’s no secret the loss of his friend and mentor The Jacka has effected not just him, but many folks across the bay landscape. Props to Blow for always keepin’ it all the way 100. If shit ain’t the same, we don’t blame you for needing to step away. Your fans are behind you 100 percent, and here to stay. Stay tuned for more info on what may be Joe Blow’s final project, “Blow Money”.

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