This Week in the Bay: Kreayshawn poses for Playboy, Kehlani stands with #BlackLivesMatter & more

This Week in the Bay is back again to give to y’all the lowdown on noteworthy Bay Area buzz. Bay Area artists always have sumn popping off and This Week in the Bay will always have the details ready for you. This week Mozzy has a major meeting, Kreayshawn shoots for Playboy, G-Eazy gets back to his roots at the $hmop house, and more!

Kehlani Stands up in Solidarity for the Black Lives Matter Movement

#Kehlani and company pose with their fists up in an effort to fight back. Encouraging people of all shades and color to rally for and support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Kehlani calls out all the way from Norway. Kehlani is playing her part making an effort to attend the march in London while on tour, are you supporting the movement?

Lil Uzi Vert Credits Lil B for Reworking Lyrics from Lil B’s “Wonton Soup”

In what appears to be a mix between praise and fear of a potential curse from the Based God, Philadelphia’s biggest rockstar rapper, @LilUziVert, credited @LilBTheBasedGod for lyrics used in Uzi’s song “Top.” Lil B shared Lil Uzi’s Rap Genius annotation, captioning it “Brotherhood.” Seems like a smart move by Lil Uzi not to risk giving Lil B credit where it’s due.

Mozzy Meets with L.A. Reid

Earlier this week Mozzy met with the chairman of Epic Records, music mogul L.A. Reid. Along the path to stardom, artists often land a pivotal deal securing their place in the music industry, could this be the move that takes Mozzy to the next level? L.A. Reid is credited for assisting many hip hop and R&B artists achieve multi-platinum record sales. Some of his artist signees have included Usher, TLC, Outkast, P Diddy, Kanye West, Rihanna and now Mozzy? To see Mozzy listed among the superstars to have signed with L.A. Reid would be big. BLADADAH.

KREAYBOY: Kreayshawn Poses for Playboy Muses

@Kreayshawn, the endlessly faceted gem, continues to shine after being selected for this week’s ‘Playboy Muses.’ Kreay doesn’t do both, Kreay does it all. Captured by @ReachYasi, Kreay’s poses range from playful and posh to sexy and sophiscated. Wednesday is right around the corner, so collect these stunning shots of Kreayshawn so you have something to drop on WCW!

G-Eazy Shoots New Video at the $hmop House in Oakland

These days @G-Eazy is a top tier superstar. He’s been seen hanging with @Drake, touring with @YG, and recording with @BritneySpears. But in between all that, he got right back to his Bay Area roots and slid through the HBK $hmop House in Oakland to shoot a new video. @K00lJ0hn supplied some snapchat footage of the affair and we got the scoop for you via instagram, so make sure you check out G-Eazy, HBK, and company going dumb over at the $hmop House.


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