Clams Casino ft. Lil B – Live My Life

@ClammyClams & @LilBTheBasedGod let go of another track out their vault, “Live My Life”. Starting on the 13th Clams and Lil B, with assistance from Keyboard Kid, are heading coast to coast for Clam’s 32 Levels tour. Clam’s 32 Levels album is full of based energy and their tour is sure to be legendary. “Live My Life” sounds like a deep collectible cut, fans would find hidden in Lil B’s extensive discography. The track features Lil B at his most natural, doing his thing with no reservations and full of grandeur. Unfortunately Lil B will not be present for the SF stop of the tour but will feature SF’s very own Brogan Bentley. Everyday is a great day for new Clam’s and Lil B music, and today, I am thankful.


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