Project Poppa – Child’s Play (Album Pre-Order)

@ProjectPoppa65 ‘s upcoming album, Child’s Play is now available for pre-order. One of the hungriest rappers in the game, Project Poppa is just a month away from releasing his fourth project of the year. His undiminishable savagery and grit are verging towards incomparability and as his sound continues to spread like wildfire, Poppa refuses to slow down his rigorous 2016 roll out. Dropping a slew projects, features and videos, Poppa is determined to establish himself and few can keep up. His Child’s Play project’s tracklist is thematically on point and a perfect conceptual approach for his ghastly flow and lyricism. While eagerly awaiting to hear what kind of ruthlessness Poppa brings on tracks like “Mad Man” and “Charles Manson” pre-order Project Poppa’s Child’s Play below, which is set to drop October 28th, just in time for Halloween… Singles, “Purge” and “Real Sh*t” are available now.

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