Zion I – The Labyrinth (Album)

@ZionI delivers his loaded new album, The Labyrinth. The hearty 15 track project includes production from ranging array of producers including Mikos Da Gawd, Decap, Teeko and more. The average artist may struggle creating a cohesive sound while working with such a wide cast of producers, but Zion’s multi-faceted talents and influences allow him to excel in creating a sonically fluid project from a diverse pool of sound. The bass driven production is relatively atypical for Zion to go in on, but he has no issues creating dynamic and signifcant tracks over the grabbing production. The aptly titled album is a winding path full of turns throughout his mind, guided by Zion himself. Rest assured, Zion I will make make sure you make it through The Labyrinth with an elevated outlook, you just have to be ready to match his energy on this one.

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