AOne x Dubb 20 x Bo Strangles – Evidence (Prod. DJ Child) (Exclusive)

@AllNDaDoeA1 x @DubbTwoZero x @RealBoStrangles connect for the powerful and insightful track “Evidence”, produced by DJ Child. If you’ve ever lost someone to any type of violence, you can relate to this song. What do you do when one of your loved ones or family members or hurt, or even killed? Do you sit back, wait, and hope that the law process will takes its due course, or do you take the law into your hands and deliver street justice? Sometimes your upbringing and loyalties answer this question, rather than your conscience. While listening to this song, I could literally feel the anger and frustration in AOne’s voice as he said, “Have you ever lost the closest nigga wakin’ with you, Black Panther Movement while I’m loadin’ up this AR”, stemming from the death of The Jacka #RIP, and how we’re still waiting for answers, or any evidence that may point to his killer. Take a listen to the Exclusive slap “Evidence” now!

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