& DJ Ghost present Mob In Peace (RIP Jacka) Vol. 1-3 (Mixtapes)

On this day 2 years ago, the Bay Area lost a legend in Dominic Newton aka Shaheed Akbar, known to all of us as The Jacka. Most of us were first introduced to the genius of the Jacka in 1999 as one quarter of the Mob Figaz, and for over a decade the Jacka made his mark on Hip-Hop in the Bay and beyond by releasing classic mixtapes, collaborative projects and studio albums and being a driving force in defining the Mob sound for which the Bay is known. Two years have gone by since his passing and his murder remains unsolved, however we choose to remember the Jack’s life and legacy not for the pain and loss we feel, but for the gems he gifted us during his 37 years on Earth.

With that said, let’s take a look back at the trio of mixes that our very own DJ Ghost put together to commemorate The Jacka’s legacy. If you love the Jacka, like we love the Jacka, then you’ll appreciate this collection of his most classic and rarest slaps. Mob In Peace Jacka!



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